Increase the Functionality of Any Room with French Doors Installed by Lomax Window and Door Company

When a Window Just isn’t Enough, French Doors Add That Extra Touch.

  • Enhance the appearance and versatility of any room in the house.
  • Replace a window with french doors and take fewer steps to reach your desired location.
  • Encourage the use of a particular space outside your home like a deck or a patio.
  • Bring in more light to your desired location like a bedroom or home office.
  • Improve the interior view of your exterior landscape.

“Before we had French Doors installed we had to walk from our room in the back of the house all the way to the back door then back around the house to enjoy our sun deck and new landscape. Now that we’ve had LOMAX Window and Door replace our bedroom window with French Doors we have direct access to our deck and a beautiful view of our pool and landscape. Needless to say we love the French Doors and we use our deck a whole lot more. Thanks for the great service!” Rick Schultz, Clovis, CA.

5 Reasons to Replace a Window or Sliding Glass Door with French Doors.

French Doors Give Direct Access to Your Desired Location

Adding french doors to your home will allow you direct access to key locations. For example, if you have a pool or spa that sits right outside your window then replace that window with french doors and gain direct access. This saves you from having to track water, dirt or other debris through the entire house.

French Doors out to Pool

Fresnh Doors to Backyard

French Doors can Increase the Usage of a Particular Space Inside or Out

So you have a gorgeous landscape and a perfect spot to enjoy the view but you lack easy access to this spot. Let Lomax Window and Doors replace that window with french doors so you can use your favorite spot more often. French doors turn these special spots into an extension of your room adding more square footage and years of enjoyment.

French Doors Enhance the Appearance and Versatility of Any Room

Instead of the bland sliding back doors traditionally used to access your backyard, have Lomax Window and Door install french doors to enhance the appearance. French doors are also quieter than sliding doors and have a larger opening to let more fresh air blow through the room.

French Doors in Living Room

French Doors into Home Office

French Doors Bring in More Natural Light

Bring in more light to that home office or any other room by adding a set of french doors. With the amount of glass on a french doors not only will you bring in more light but you’ll add to the aesthetics. Call Lomax Window and Door today and see what french doors can do for your space.

French Doors Improve the Interior View of the Outdoors

If you have a beautiful outdoor view but it sits behind a wall or is just partially visible through a window, you can add french doors to bring the outdoors in. Let Lomax Window and Door help you improve the interior view of your exterior landscape.

View Through French Doors

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