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Dual Pane Vinyl Windows Installed.

Why Dual Pane Vinyl Windows?

  • You’ll Save Money on Energy Cost
  • You’ll Reduced Your Energy Usage
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce Annoying Outdoor Noise Pollution
  • Eliminate Condensation, Rot and Mold

Not Sure Why You Should Invest in Dual Pane Vinyl Windows?
Here Are a Few of the Benefits…


Our Current Window Special

LOMAX Window and Door Co. is currently running a special where you can get any 2 panel window installed by our professionals starting at a ridiculously low $185.00.

Save Money on Energy Cost

According to the department of energy, about 25% of your annual heating and cooling cost is attributed to energy lost through inadequate windows.


Lower Energy Usage Will Save You Even More

Steve Poitz, an engineer of energy-efficient windows, says a double-paned vinyl window can reduce energy usage by up to 24% in winter and by up to 18% in summer when compared to single pane windows.

The Environment

If you’re using less energy that means you’re burning less fossil fuels. In turn, you’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Noise Reduction

Reduce outdoor noise pollution from the neighbors barking dog or perhaps cars driving on the roads or freeway.

Eliminate Condensation

When it’s cold outside and warmer inside, single pane windows will often form condensation which then drips onto your window seal and eventually begins to rot and mold. A quality Dual Pane Vinyl Window will eliminate this headache.