Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of questions do you have about your windows? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding new window technology and problems often encountered with older windows. You can also use our Contact Us page in this site or email us directly at info@lomaxwindows.com to find all the answers to your door and window questions.

What is Low-E?

Low-E is a new window technology that lowers the amount of energy loss through windows by inhibiting the transmission of radiant heat while still allowing sufficient light to pass through.  The “e” stands for emissivity or re-radiated heat flow. The thin metallic oxide coating increases the U-value of the window by reducing heat flow from a warmer air space to a colder glazing surface. The best location for the coating is based on whether the primary heat flow you want to control is from the inside out (heating climates) or the outside in (cooling climates).

What is Argon Gas?

Argon Gas is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas which is six times more dense than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce the temperature transfer and it improves energy efficiency.

My home seems drafty in the winter and in the summertime it’s difficult to keep cool. How will new windows resolve this problem?

Old windows may not seal properly and they often leak outside air into your home. This means high energy bills for you during the hot and cold months. It could mean that your glass is loose and needs to be reglazed or that your seals have weakened between the sash and the frame. If your windows are single-pane or dual pane windows more than ten years old, we recommend that you replace them with modern dual pane windows that include Low-E glass and are Argon Gas filled. These three components will save you a substantial amount on your energy bills and will provide lasting comfort for years to come.

I’m not happy with the appearance of my windows. What can I do to make them look better?

Your home is your castle and usually your largest investment. Windows add a lot to its character and style. It’s important to be happy with how your windows look in relation to the rest of your home.

Perhaps you have unattractive storm window frames, or old steel sash windows that look worn out and dated. Maybe you like the old style look of your home, but would like to add a fresh look with new windows. Even new dual pane vinyl windows can be installed in a way that does not take away from the authenticity of your home, but adds a newness and contemporary style to compliment the appearance of your home.  If you don’t care for the look of thick, vinyl frames, our 5300 Series window is the smallest frame on the market, and can provide the new look you want without overpowering the overall appearance of your home.

I want to open my windows but they’re stuck and/or difficult to open. Does this mean I need new windows?

You may have broken hardware that needs to be replaced, or your windows might be painted shut. You can either try replacing your hardware or try to pry your windows open utilizing a pry bar by running a putty knife along the outside of the sash. This may allow you to open your windows, but you may continue to experience problems with the operation. Replacement is the best policy.

You may also have windows that are warped, which is more than likely caused by your home settling over the years. This requires the replacement of the entire frame. Every window that LOMAX installs is a complete replacement. We are not a retrofit operation (placing a new window inside an old frame). We remove the entire window, re-frame and square the opening, then we insert and seal your new window.  When we are finished, you don’t have retrofit windows, you have completely new windows in your home.  This is an added benefit that most window companies do not know how to do.

I want to get away from having to paint my windows. Will new windows solve this problem?

You will never have to paint another window or patio door again when your replace them with IWC Vinyl Windows. Available in Desert Sand and White, these vinyl windows eliminate the need for scraping, sanding and painting. You not only have beautiful, new windows, you have the convenience of maintenance-free style and durability.

My windows are difficult to clean and must be cleaned often. Do you have windows that I can clean from the inside?

You may be located in an area that experiences tough environmental conditions such as heavy industry or coastal conditions. Your windows may be located next to a sprinkler or swimming pool. Airborne particles can stick to your windows, too. This means that you need to wash them frequently. Double-hung windows provide a tilt-in sash design so that the exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside by tilting the glass inward.

My windows are falling apart and rotting. Is replacement the only way to recover from this?

If your windows are at the point of complete failure such as dry-rot or cracked or damaged frames, the only solution is to replace them.  Instead of a simple replacement, consider different styles of windows or window combination’s that can enhance the beauty and style of your home. We can help you determine the best combination’s to compliment your home. Dual-pane Vinyl Windows with Low-E glass and Argon Gas will provide the added benefit of energy savings.

Why is moisture collecting inside my windows and what can I do to stop this?

Moisture inside the windows can mean that your home is not well ventilated. You can try to control your home’s humidity to limit  interior window condensation.

How can I get more information on vinyl replacement windows?

Simply request a free, no obligation quote by calling 559-346-0500. Or write us at info@lomaxwindows.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.